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Have you hit a block when it comes to designing your home spaces? You have lots of ideas but struggle to tie it all together into your own style? Fed up of spending money on trends and fast furniture and accessories? Join Alicia Storie, the founder of the award-winning eco-interior design studio AdesignStorie, for our eco-friendly Home Design workshop, and learn how to design your interiors in an eco-friendly, sustainable way which is kinder to your pocket and the planet. 


During this workshop you will learn to craft sustainable spaces inspired by nature to enhance your wellbeing. Gain valuable insights into creating environments that prioritize sustainability while nurturing your overall wellness and nurturing calm and balance. 


You’ll walk away with

  • The skills to combine colour with confidence

  • Techniques for crafting a personalised timeless interior design style

  • Design inspiration for future upcycling projects


Event flow:

  • An introduction to eco-friendly interior design

  • Crafting your nature-inspired mood board


Q&A:  Alicia addresses your eco-interior queries


Meet your workshop host:

Alicia Storie is the founder of the award-winning eco-interior design studio AdesignStorie Edinburgh, and has over a decade of experience in interior design. @adesignstorie

*All eco materials provided.

Eco Interior Design Masterclass (Saturday 25th May 2 - 4pm)

  • Saturday 25th May 

    2 - 4pm

    (2 hours)

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