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Paper flowers have a long tradition in some countries: In China they were used to decorate altars, starting when paper was first invented over 2000 years ago. In Mexico, paper Dahlias or Marigolds are to this day used as decoration at parties and events, such as the ‘Dia de los Muertos’.  


In this workshop we will focus on creating book sculpture using flowers as inspiration, allowing for a wide range of creative ideas related to spring and the re-emerging of life at this time of year.   Techniques learnt will range from simple folding to recreating realistic paper flowers.


Transform discarded or pre-loved books/ book pages into unique sculptural pieces of art. This 3 hour workshop offers plenty of time to design and create your own unique treasure. 



Participants should bring one or two second hand books they would like to transform. These could be either hard or soft back books. You might want to select books relating to the themes of spring, flowers, plants or gardening. In addition, the following are optional: any paper scraps (tissue, wrapping or other paper), embellishments such as feathers, buttons, sequins, etc. We have a selection of books and vintage papers that you are welcome to use free of charge if you don't have anything suitable. 


Tea, coffee and cake is also provided!

Paper Spring Flowers Workshop (Saturday 30th March 2.30 - 5.30pm)

  • Saturday 30th March 

    2.30 - 5.30pm 

    (3 hours)

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