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Your tutor for this workshop will be Alan from Alien Spoons who has been teaching spoon carving
since 2015 and has taught over a thousand people how to carve safely and efficiently.

This workshop will focus on using wood carving knives and you will learn a variety of techniques that
make carving relatively easy on the body and get good results when making a spoon or other green
wood carved treen.

We will be using freshly felled birch from a local woodland that I manage sustainably and primarily
for wildlife. Spoons do not require a lot of wood and we will be using small diameter Roundwood
that does not create a lot of waste. You will start this workshop with a spoon blank that is roughly axed out to a spoon shape.

We will have a short lunch break halfway through the workshop so that people can stay focused. Picker's Bothy cafe is next door and serves a delicious range of lunches or you are welcome to bring a packed lunch.

At the end of the day you should have a spoon and feel confident enough to use the tools safely at
home if you would like to do more carving (most people do as it is a very calming and mindful
activity). Additional blanks and tools will be on sale for carving more spoons.


Tea, coffee and homemade cakes are included to keep your strength up!

Spoon Carving for Beginners (Saturday 3rd February 10am - 3pm)

Out of Stock
  • Saturday 3rd February 

    10 - 3pm

    (5 hours)

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